2016 Club Committee


President:       Paul Albertini

Secretary:       Cherron Cameron

Treasurer:      Sianne Cleaver

Club Committee:

Senior Vice President:                   Peter Fairfull

Junior Coordinator Competitive:                  Cherron Cameron

Junior Coordinator Non Competitive:        Cherron Cameron

Assistant Secretary:                        Vacant

Assistant Treasurer:                       Leanne Reardon

Senior Register:                                Peter Fairfull

Junior Register:                                Wayne Harding

Gear Steward:                                     Paul Albertini and Wayne Harding

Publicity Officer:                               Vacant

Grounds Co-ordinators:                Paul Albertini, Terry Dwyer and Wayne Harding

Club Caretaker:                                  Mark Virtue

Men’s Premier Coach:                     Craig Kennedy

Women’s Premier Coach:             Paul Albertini

Sponsorship Co-ordinator:          Paul Albertini

Canteen Coordinator:                    Wayne Harding

Website Coordinator:                    Cam Latimer

Sponsorship Coordinator:          Paul Albertini

Social Media Coordinator:          Vacant

Clothing Co-ordinator:                  Vacant

Female Participation Officer/s: Vacant

Child Protection Officer:               Peter Bylos

Fundraising & Social Committee:            Tina Trapp and Janelle Speers

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