If you are interested in becoming a Referee, please refer to the information below.



Further to recent communication, we wish to highlight various items for your consideration and hopefully forwarding to club members:-

  • New referee courses are being organised and we encourage you to spread the word as we always need new match officials. Likely course dates and locations are –
  • Sunday 1st March 10am to 5pm and including Mon 2nd March 6pm – 9pm (Lismore).
  • Mullumbimby, Sunday 15th/Monday 16th  6pm-7 at Mullumbimby grounds then to Ex-Services for theory.
  • There will be a 3rd course in Lismore 22nd/23rd March if required
  • The ANNUAL SEMINAR will occur on Sunday 22nd Feb between 10am and 2pm at the Italo Australia Club, Barrow Lane North Lismore. Attendance is compulsory for returning referees and highly recommended for new referees to also attend. This is an opportunity for senior referees to outline a range of information relevant to the season.
  • A limited range of GEAR is available for purchase at the FFNC office. A further order will be placed soon, however there is no need for you to purchase anything yet

You must be at least 13 years of age to become a match official (either referee or assistant referee) however the only other criteria is to bring an enthusiasm and motivation and want to accept the challenge of being a match official. Being a referee is great for developing personal skills and provides a different insight to the game and also presents pathways to higher opportunities. SENIOR referees (ie aged 18 or more) are desperately required for season 2015.

First-Time Referees need to complete a “Level 4 Referee course”, with the first component being an online course. This is available now, with information about the formal “face to face” referee courses, to be advertised in due course.

STEPS to follow:-

  1. E-mail admin@ffncreferees.com.au providing your name, address, email, contact phone number (mobile preferred) and stating your interest to become a match official.
  2. The Laws of the Game Certificate is now available as an online course. Simply access the Laws of the Game via the “Referees-Laws of the Game-Register for a Free Account” link on myfootballclub.com.au.
  3. E-mail admin@ffncreferees.com.au to confirm you have successfully completed the online course and printed off the certificate.
  4. Nominate for a referee course (Dates and venues are being determined soon).
  5. E-mail admin@ffncreferees.com.au nominating yourself for a level 4 referee’s course (dates, times and venues TBA). * Note that you are required to attend ALL sessions at the venue you nominate. Registration for ONE course is essential.
  6. BRING your printed certificate with you to the Level 4 Referee course.

NOTE: We can’t allow you to participate without this certificate being cited. 

  1. The cost of the course will be $50 per person and is payable at the FIRST session. (Cash or Cheque payable to FFNC Referee’s Association). No EPTPOS available.
  2. Match officials receive payment for officiating. Refer to the FFNC website (Referees-Referees Fees)

For any further enquiries please contact admin@ffncreferees.com.au

Thanks for indicating you are interested and your next step is to nominate which referee course you will be able to attend by sending a return e-mail.

For and on behalf of

Stuart Bradley

FNC Referees President

Far North Coast Referees

M:  0434 856 992