Club History

In 2018 the Club celebrated our 60th season, and over the past 60 years the club has grown to be the largest and one of the most successful clubs in Lismore. Our juniors and seniors have won many minor and major premierships over this time.

Currently, we have 29 junior and 8 senior teams with a membership of 385. Lismore Thistles is a family orientated Club that encourages all our players in fair play and sportsmanship. The Club has always been very progressive and believed that owning our own fields and Clubhouse would be beneficial to the long term viability of the Club.

The Beginning:

On Friday 31st January 1958, a meeting was held at the Boys’ Hostel, Lismore for the purpose of forming a new soccer club to play in the Lismore and District Soccer Football Association. Mr Warren Bancroft was appointed Chairman of the meeting and those present were John Ryan, Barry Neaves, Lance Goldsmith, Nooky Lavis and Jim Rixon.

At this meeting many important matters were discussed and resolved, three of which were;

  • Club Name: Thistles Soccer Club
  • Club Colours: Royal Blue and White
  • Club Emblem: Thistle within a shield

For the inaugural season, the club had one team with twenty (20) registered players and played a total of 13 games. The following year the club was able to field two junior teams, U/11 and U/13, and in 1979 the clubs first women’s team took to the field.

Our Fields:

In 1972 the club applied to the Lismore City Council to lease Nielson Park (then known as East Lismore Ovals) and install lighting and a canteen. In due course, the Lismore City Council saw fit to refuse our application.

In 1975 the Club purchased 3.3 hectares of the Wade Family land and spent the next three years developing the land into the playing fields that we have today. The land was basically swamp-land covered in grass, rushes a metre high and below ankle-deep slush. Thousands of metres of soil were added to the land to raise the height of the fields so that there was adequate drainage and in 1978 the first games were played on our own fields. Today we consider that “Thistles Park” is one of the finest facilities in Lismore.

Lismore Thistles Soccer Club has provided a significant cost saving to Lismore City Council over the past 35 years by providing and maintaining our own facility to the public at no cost to the Council.

The Clubhouse:

In August 1981 the first sod of soil was turned for the clubhouse and in December 1982, the building was completed with the support of many local businesses and club members. In 1988 extensions to the clubhouse were undertaken and lights were installed to T1.

Present Day:

Whilst the Club continues to grow and prosper a great deal of work has been carried out on the fields and Clubhouse. Recently new internal stairs have been installed, the Canteen has been refurbishment.

The Club has been successful in obtaining a number of grants during the later part of 2009, and prior to the commencemnt of the 2010 season T1 shall have an irrigation system install and a concrete viewing pad in the front of the clubhouse will be installed. The concrete viewing pad will run the length of the clubhouse and will be the base for a balcony that will be built in the years to come. In addition a new set of extrenal stairs will installed.

All this work has been done by dedicated members and local business who continue to support the Lismore Thistles Soccer Club.